A Bao A Qu Abtu and Anet Acheron Amphisbaena
The Tigers of Annam Fauna of the United States Bahamut Baldanders
The Banshee The Basilisk Behemoth The Barometz
The Brownies Burak A Creature Imagined
by C. S. Lewis
An Animal Imagined
by C. S. Lewis
The Catoblepas Cerberus The Kilkenny Cats Fauna of Chile
The Jinn The Animal
Imagined by E. A. Poe
The Unicorn One Eyed Beings
The Elephant The Elves The Eloi and the Morlocks The Rain Bird
Fastitocalon The Phoenix Garuda The Gnome
The Golem Animals in the Form
of Sphere
The Griffon The Eater of the Dead
Haniel, Kafzel,
Azriel and Aniel
Haokah the Thunder God The Ass with three Legs Harpyas
The Double Antelopes with Six Legs The Hippogriff Hochigan
The Lunar Hare Humbaba Ichtyocentaurus An Animal imagined
by Kafka
The Kami The Carbuncle The Centaur A Crossbreed
Two Metaphysical Beings The Chimera The Unicorn of China Fauna of China
The Chinese Phoenix The Chinese Fox The Chinese Dragon The Kraken
Chronos Kujata The Lamed Wufnik The Lamia
The Sore
Harnessed with  Chains
Temporis Acti
The Shaggy Beast
of La Ferté Bernard
The Lemures
The Leucrocotta The Hydra of Lerna An Offspring of Leviathan Lilith
The Mandrake The Manticore The Heavenly Cock The Celestial Stag
The Minotaur The Mermecolion The Nagas The Nymphs
The Nasnas The Norns The Eight-Forked Serpent The Western Dragon
The Odradek The Panther The Pelican The Peryton
The Pygmy The Remora The Rukh The Eastern Dragon
The Squonk Swedenborg's Angels Swedenborg's Devils The Salamander
The Zaratan The Satyrs The Hundred-Heads The Sphynx
Scylla The Leveller The T'ao T'ieh The Sylphs
The Simurgh The Syrens Talos Experimental Account…
The Mother of Tortoises The Sea Horse    A Fire King and his Horse Thermal Beings

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