NOVI, the elder fox; born 1 May 2010.

GIDA, the younger fox, born 15 April 2012.

Marten • Her name was BÚRA. Lived eleven years.

Jackdaw • His (or her?) name is MALAC (means Piglet).
Lived with us seven years, then flied away.

ISKANDER, the bat • Found severally wounded, but in four months his wounds healed up

and he became a huge, strong and obese boy. He had to lose some weight before being set free.

Our ferret named KUTYA (Dog)

lived ten years.

They were incredibly prolific,
we couldn't even name them.

STIRLINGS • They grew up
and flied away.

Hooded crow • VILI
I reared him for a month,
then I set him free.

Long-nosed caenolestid • MARIA.

Her male's name was Jesus.

She had a litter of 12.

Sugar glider • LACI
Lives seven years.


KÓKUSZ (COCONUT), the big, serious and lovely grey parrot